[The story of the rabbit]_Traditional Fairy Tale


Normally, Fairytale ends with the marriage of the princess. But, these stories are criticized that princesses are too helpless and passive.

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So nowadays, we can see many different princess stories and find values like courage, bravery, and intelligence.

On the other hand, still, lots of fairy tales containing problems get children to read nowadays.


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1. Nice heroes are always male

Hwengbu and Nolbu: The story is about the younger brother who helped magpie so that they could be the rich.

The story of Jonwuchi, The story of Hongil-dong : Heros who fight for poor subjects.

2. Crimes the heroes committed were accepted and glorified

Taoist fairy with lumberjack: Voyeurism, theft, confinement, rape, stalking.

Sunwha princess: Defamation, slander, lie, insult.

3. Unhappy Stories.

Baridegi princess: Her name means “abandoned princess” She was abandoned because her parents disappointed she was not a son.

Pyungang princess: Married to a poor, ugly man who lives with his old mother. And then make her husband be a general.

The story of Ms. Park: She was treated contemptuously by her husband because her appearance is not attractive.


I thought the new version of the fairy tale should be created to keep pace with the fast-changing society.

I want to pick out “the story of the rabbit”, which is a very famous Korea traditional fairy tale.


The Story of the Rabbit -The story written 1000 years ago.

This story of the rabbit has been passed on orally and written in the document called

“Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms.”

Each character presents a strong and weak social class. Also, the story converted lots of different version through history.

The reason why I choose this story is,

First of all, this story is very famous and all the protagonists are animals.

Second, It has a special background: an underwater palace.

Third, It could be translated in many different ways.

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