Music walk of fame: AR concept design

AR contents simulation test: The first example is inspired by the music score shaped ribbon. And the second example is about the discs shaped sound visualisation.


The Camden People’s Museum will use the latest technology to share and celebrate the vibrant, rich stories of the borough. Rather than constructing a virtual version of a physical museum, it will turn Camden’s physical spaces into ‘playable places’, to be experienced in person and/or remotely, and challenge preconceptions of what a museum even is: the Camden People’s Museum has no walls, it exists in the world around you, and is contemporary in both content and medium.

Audiences will be motivated to experience all of the museum’s playable places, creating connections between the borough’s diverse areas and communities, and the stories behind them.

Idea Sketch

Idea sketch in paper and digital illustration.


Storyboard for the AR experience.

Motion Test

Motion test in cinema 4D.

Rendering screenshot